The Thomas caterpillar boom lift, type 280SP-28M is a very professional and thoroughly designed boom lift, consisting of a quadruple telescopic arm with an additional jib arm fitted on the end of the arm which rotates over approx.130° which is very useful for some jobs (e.g. obstacles with electric cables, obstructions and the like). The quadruple telescopic arm with jib arm are installed on a 359° rotating flange. The unit is fitted on a very sturdy and stable caterpillar base with four hydraulic support feet. Very easy to operate.
This professional boom lift has a maximum horizontal scope of 15m and used for numerous jobs such as mainly pruning, maintenance, cleaning work and lots more other possible applications.
All hydraulic and electric leads are inside the arm via a cable channel, are optimally protected and
thus no hindrance or risk of damage during work. The versatile Thomas caterpillar boom lift 280SP-28M enables you to work safely, stable and extremely efficiently.


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