The Thomas caterpillar boom lift, type 200SP-20M work height, is a professional boom lift, consisting of a telescopic arm with an additional jib arm at the end that rotates 90. The arms are installed on an articulated-scissor system installed on a caterpillar base with four hydraulic support feet. Very easy to operate.
This scissor system enables work in a straight line from ground level up to a height of approx.10m with a lateral scope of 11m. A big additional advantage is that the range of the support feet is not exceeded with this scissor system during rotation with the boom lift. No hindrance on the street to passing vehicles or the like. Is mainly used for facade, painting, pruning, roof or chimney work such as the placing of ducts, solar panels and lots of other possible applications.
The versatile Thomas caterpillar boom lift 200SP-20M enables you to work safely, stable and extremely efficiently.



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